Intro to Guitar I

This beginner guitar class, designed for students who are looking to learn and take their musicianship to the next level. This is a great course for those students who have just been getting started on their instrument, and are looking for a solid foundational course,

Students in the class will learn:

  • Parts of the guitar
  • Proper playing/holding position
  • Effective picking/strumming techniques (elbow, wrist, fingers)
  • Essentials of Scratching/strumming-down/up strum patterns and exploration discussion
  • Major/Minor chord explanation
  • How to play chords:
  • How to read a chord chart
  • What is a Capo?
  • Music theory
  • Notes on 5th string
  • 5th string Barre Chords
  • 5th String Power Chords
  • I IV V chord progressions and application

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