The Introduction to Music Theory course introduces the foundations of music, the language terms, listening and cognition.This course is designed to help Music Producers and aspiring Musicians to develop a solid foundation in understanding music


Students will gain an understanding of reading and playing rhythm, pitch, triad chords, scales and learn how to write basic notation. .


Intro to Music Theory is broken up into modules. The modules include study materials and activities listed below

  • Module 1: What Is Music? Definitions and Terminology; Using words to describe it
  • Module 2: Listening;Hearing Music; Cognition – elements: vocal, instruments, timbre
  • Module 3: Music as A Language: Reading and Writing Music; Notation and Symbols
  • Module 4: The Most Basic Elements 1; Rhythm (feeling it, playing it)
  • Module 5: The Most Basic Elements 2; Pitch (hearing it, playing it)
  • Module 6: All About Chord Progressions in Music Production

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