Intro To Music Theory


The Introduction to Music Theory course introduces the foundations of music, the language terms, listening and cognition.This course is designed to help Music Producers and aspiring Musicians to develop a solid foundation in understanding music


Students will gain an understanding of reading and playing rhythm, pitch, triad chords, scales and learn how to write basic notation. .


Intro to Music Theory is broken up into modules. The modules include study materials and activities listed below

  • Module 1: What Is Music? Definitions and Terminology; Using words to describe it
  • Module 2: Listening;Hearing Music; Cognition – elements: vocal, instruments, timbre
  • Module 3: Music as A Language: Reading and Writing Music; Notation and Symbols
  • Module 4: The Most Basic Elements 1; Rhythm (feeling it, playing it)
  • Module 5: The Most Basic Elements 2; Pitch (hearing it, playing it)
  • Module 6: All About Chord Progressions in Music Production


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